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The 'Support Independent Black Films Initiative is a program to financially support Black filmmakers and their projects. Financial support is used for travel, gear acquisition, film festival submissions, post-production and aggregation costs and more, through donations and financial gifts. In the industry of cinema, being an independent black filmmaker is met with various challenges. Such challenges are the inability to secure funding (corporate and private), getting recognized by the mainstream audience, dealing with expensive Aggregators and Media Attorneys, pricy trademarks, as well as competing with major studios. SIBF (Support Independent Black Films) ensures that talented Black filmmakers aren't silenced by underfunding and that the Black cinematic vision can grow and thrive independently.

With your contribution, your name will be listed in the end credits of every SIBF sponsored film as a, "Contributor". You will also receive a digital copy of the film before it is released in theaters or on subscription based or VOD streaming platforms. It is critical that we provide an opportunity for talented Black filmmakers to tell their stories but more important for viewers to receive them.

Contributor Benefits

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As a Contributor (Sponsor) there are three Benefit Packages

Tier One: Donation amount between $100 - $499
You will receive first-hand exclusive news about AO Films including upcoming projects, unreleased trailers and podcast episodes before they are released to the public.
Tier Two: Donation amount between $500 - $999
You will receive all the benefits of Tier One, plus "Contributor Credit" on an upcoming film. See your name listed during the end credits of the next AO Film project.

Tier Three: Donation amount of $1000 - $5000
You will receive the benefits of both Tier One and Tier Two packages with the exception of having your name listed as "Contributor." With this package, your name will be listed as an "Executive Producer" on the next AO Films project. You will also receive the opportunity to make a cameo appearance in an upcoming project. 

Casual Sponsor: Donate any amount of your choosing. We appreciate your support


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